Danielle and Kelsie
Danielle and Kelsie

My name is Danielle Theos and I am a full-time pet & decorative artist. As a pet lover, my principal subject is animals. Occasionally I paint landscapes and people’s portraits. I do paint on just about any surface, ceramic, wood, canvas, silk, metal, but only with non-toxic acrylics that are not harmful to me or my pets.

I currently live in Jacksonville, North Carolina. A proud owner of many pets over time; dogs, cats, two ponds with Koi fish, an aquarium with African cichlids. Now I have only one cat and one dog and plenty of birds in the backyard coming for the bird seeds. 

With over 10,000 positive 5* feedback on other selling platforms and collections all over the world, I hope you’ll find something you will like.

I accept custom orders on anything you see on my site or anything that you might come up with. I support and donate often to animal rescue organizations, but not to kill shelters.

Please contact me with questions. I have painted just about any breed. It’s impossible to show all pictures. If you don’t see your favorite, email me, even if it’s just to show me your beautiful furry baby.

You never know if he/she might show up in one of my creations, of course, with your permission and an honorable mention for my inspiration.